Durban – As the festive season kicks into gear, KwaZulu-Natal police on Tuesday warned members of the public not to carry large amounts of cash.

There have been reports of people being robbed and shot soon after they made large bank withdrawals in the province, especially those who were members of stokvel clubs.

KZN police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Thulani Zwane, said citizens should consider other options, including carrying as little cash as possible and consider making use of cellphone banking and internet transfers to pay accounts, or ATMs to conduct banking. Zwane said police were concerned after recent incidents where people were robbed of their cash or even injured in the process.

“We would also like to warn all stokvel members to take extra precautions when dealing with large amounts of cash as these types of cases are very prevalent during the festive season when members are sharing money. Stokvels are advised to arrange with their banks to deposit cash into their accounts,” Zwane said.

“Citizens are cautioned not to withdraw large amounts of cash or transport large sums for deposits as often criminals have been tipped off and follow people to and from banks with the intention to rob them.”

Police have issued a guidance for citizens to help them minimise their chances of being the victim of robberies. The guidance includes tips such as refraining from making cash deposits, avoiding carrying money bags or briefcases, and refraining from driving to the bank in your company branded vehicle on a typical “pay-day”.

African News Agency (ANA)